Collective Bargaining Agreement 

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NTEU HQ, DOE Chapter 228, and DOE Chapter 213 have begun negotiations DOE and NTEU 2013 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) 

As previously indicated, DOE management has opened 32 Articles of our current 51 articles which are will impact your Rights. As expected, management has submitted proposals that seek to reduce as well as eliminate many of your rights (that were secured through years of past negotiations) which is why you must join NTEU ASAP!  

  • Article 3 - Employee Rights
    • Management seeks to remove language that provides employees the right to preferred scheduling and the right to be free from discrimination for filing a grievance
  • Article 10 - Polygraph
    • Management seeks to remove all contractual language that identifies employee rights during the administration of a polygraph examination
  • Article 14 and 14A - Partnership and Labor-Management Committees
    • Management seeks to disband all Labor-Management Committees
  • Article 17 - Employee Performance Management and Recognition Program
    • Management seeks to remove many negotiated protections provided to an employee prior to being placed on a performance improvement plan
  • Article 21 - Reassignment
    • Management wants full discretion to reassign employees without a contractual process and seeks to eliminate voluntary swaps and hardship considerations from the contract
  •  Article 29 - Employee Awards
    • Management proposes to remove all language that ensures fair and equitable consideration for employee rewards
  • Article 44 - Adverse Actions
    • Management seeks to limit employee appeal rights to a single appeal process
  • Article 47 - Telework
    • Management seeks to amend the current qualification standards and telework plan approval process to make it more difficult to enter a telework agreement

DOE Management has also proposed to eliminate several of the rights provided to NTEU and NTEU representatives — an attack on NTEU is an attack on your rights. 

Critical changes proposed by DOE Management: 

(1) Union representatives must take LWOP or annual leave to represent you; 

(2) NTEU must pay for space and equipment; and 

(3) NTEU is limited to a specific number of representatives. 

If DOE Management "WINS the Negotiations": the elimination of these union rights (as well as others) will not stop NTEU form representing you. However, the changes will make NTEU Representatives job a slightly difficult and challenging.  Nonetheless, If NTEU Representatives lose their Rights, it will be extremely challenging and disturbing for employees to request and obtain representation. 

Most Importantly, if DOE Management politically charged are implemented, those changes/challenges will create challenges and barriers for NTEU Representative as well as for DOE Employees.

NTEU is prepared to tackle DOE Management Proposals

NTEU Chapter Leaders and NTEU Negotiation staff are committed to "not only" maintaining the status quo of what we have earned throughout the years; yet, we will are working towards enhancing your rights. 

NTEU Chapter Leaders and NTEU Negotiation staff will continue working through the barriers that have been established by the current administration; however, we cannot fight without your support which is why I urge you to Join NTEU 

Nonetheless, NTEU Chapter Leaders and NTEU Negotiation staff will continue to update you on the negotiations. 

After the negotiation concludes, the CBA has to be approved by a majority vote of the membership before it can become effective. However, only dues-paying members are entitled to vote on the CBA; therefore, if you are not a member, but you would like to vote on the new CBA, please contact Chapter 228 for information on how to join NTEU.

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