Why Join NTEU


When you belong to NTEU, you stand with thousands of members united in their belief that the work of the federal government makes a difference to our country. Together we are dedicated to improving the working lives of the federal employees.

NTEU believes that every federal employee deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

Our Issues

Pay: Improving federal pay is our top priority. NTEU supports fair and competitive federal pay and makes a strong case that federal pay lags behind private-sector pay. 

Retirement: NTEU fights for a well-funded and secure retirement system for federal employees who have spent their careers devoted to public service.

Agency Funding: NTEU is a strong advocate for adequate funding levels for federal agencies, so employees can deliver for the American public. 

Work-Life Balance: A leader in the movement to bring innovative programs to the federal workforce, NTEU negotiates enforceable telework and alternative work schedules for employees. 

Workplace Rights: NTEU works to protect employee rights including fair and transparent workplace policies and practices and due process rights. Learn more

Five Additional Reasons 

  1. There’s real strength in numbers. The many rights and benefits enjoyed by federal employees didn’t come easily. No one handed them to us, not Congress, not the White House, not any federal agency. NTEU members won them, at the bargaining table, through legislation, and by having a voice in the workplace where policies are implemented on a day-to-day basis.
  2.  NTEU can help you be successful in your workplace. Because management knows we speak for everyone in the bargaining unit, we can influence workplace rules in ways that make sense for employees and America’s taxpayers. We turn back legislative attempts that harm federal employees and advocate for policies and laws that support you and help you do your job more successfully.
  3. We take on big picture issues like pay and the smaller stuff that gets under your skin at work. NTEU leads the way in fighting to retain and improve your pay and benefits, and our day-today workplace representation is second to none. No one does it better than NTEU.
  4. With NTEU, your opinion matters. As a member, you have a vote in electing your chapter leaders; you can play an active role in your chapter’s affairs; and you ratify new contracts NTEU has bargained on your behalf.
  5. You receive substantive information on what’s going on, both in your workplace and throughout the federal sector. There’s a print newsletter—the NTEU Bulletin—to put issues in context. For more immediate news, NTEU has an electronic e-Bulletin. There are also a number of specialized electronic publications and updates on such key issues as where bargaining stands. All of which makes for the most informed bargaining unit in the federal sector.


To organize federal employees to work together to ensure that every federal employee is treated with dignity and respect. 

To Join 

Join NTEU today by filling out this membership form (SF 1187) and giving it any chapter official.

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